Logo is an iconic representation of an organization and therefore, it has to be unique, attractive, simple and persuasive. Logo design is one of scores of services that a good graphic designer can provide to a professional company that is looking to make an impression on the marketplace. Logo must be single, simple optical image so that customer can relate it with your company.

There are two key elements that go into the development of any logo design process. The first is the logo’s text. In graphic design, the look of a company’s name is as important as any graphic or picture that accompanies it. Not only do words convey meaning, the “look” of words conveys meaning as well. Great graphic designers know how to use different fonts to convey different meanings and emotions to their audiences. Naturally using the right font is important for legibility as well, as you need to consider the various mediums in which the logo will be used.

Since then the logo of a company is being used in various forms and in different medium. Being able to place a crisp, good looking logo on all of the company promotional and administrative materials is the first step towards creating solid brand recognition. It’s also key for developing company awareness. With a well designed logo, a company will always be putting its best foot forward.